Markstry - Director
This man is obsessed with all things film. Year by year Markstry nurtures and grows his repertoire of talents and he is now not just a great Director, but a brilliant DOP and Photographer as well. This is a man who doesn’t stop creating. When he isn’t working, you’ll find him working.

He loves to create stories out of all the raw materials he can, including the use of stills, animation, and stock footage – whatever makes the message stronger. This, along with his excellent eye and instinctive knack for adding beauty through lensing and lighting, makes him an excellent choice for content creation.

One thing we have noticed is that he doesn’t eat lunch on set. He prefers to work through. Does he even eat at all? We’re not sure. Maybe he’s a robot alien. Wearing the fleshy outer part of Markstry as a disguise as he studies our species.