Oscar Strauss

Oscar is a born storyteller with creative vision and an acute eye for beautiful imagery. On set, Oscar is always calm and collected — he prefers to have the performance happening in front of camera, rather than behind it.

He is particularly good at directing performance – both serious and comedic. His Glad Bag “Prisoner” commercial made it onto the shots 100 best commercials reel – an accolade only bestowed on two South African directors.

Oscar is renowned especially for his ability to direct children and has even earned the nickname “The Child Whisperer”. He has successfully directed children from all over the world, many of whom couldn’t even speak a word of English. His calm nature, acute observation skills and his delight in the babies and children he films is truly reflected in his work.

Oscar has a degree in Fine Arts and a strong ad agency background. His work as a Creative Director at TBWA Hunt Lascaris has made him especially sensitive to the concept in a script and how to effectively communicate it through storytelling.